FitLeaders Captains

Here we celebrate the exceptional individuals who lead by example and inspire others daily to live better and lead better.

leading by example

Captains Embody The FitLeaders Spirit

These individuals earned their status through hard work, consistency, and outreach, and are not bound by a particular industry or position.

Vicki King

Vicki King is the proud Superintendent of Salem School District and a dedicated fitness enthusiast who places a high value on integrity, trust, and respect, and work to build strong relationships with those around me. Whether in my home gym, on a running trail, or in the boardroom, I approach challenges with determination, creativity, and a willingness to learn from my mistakes. I believe that leadership is about empowering others to become the best versions of themselves, and I am committed to helping others realize their full potential.

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If you prioritize your health and fitness and believe in leading by example, then we invite you to join the ranks of our community’s most exceptional members.

Our Captains are pillars of our community, exemplifying the visibility, consistency, and empathy of the FitLeaders movement.

We select a new Captain every month. This process and pace help us identify and highlight incredible leaders who are doing the work, sharing their journey, and inspiring and empowering others.

Refugio "Cuco" Gracián

Cuco Gracian is an Executive Director of Cultural Proficiency, Access, Equity, and SEL and part of the #Fitleaders familia. Cuco’s drive to live his fitness life by the #MambaMentality, fuels his daily physical and mental health activities. Cuco believes that as a fit leaders community, we can motivate each other to accomplish our fitness goals. He’s a firm believer that even though we’re all in different stages of our fitness goals, we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

Avis Williams

Avis Williams is an Army Veteran and former personal trainer and fitness competitor. Her superpower is leading with JOY. Avis is the superintendent of NOLA Public Schools in New Orleans and she previously served for five years as the superintendent in Selma, AL. For Avis, fitness is a way of life. As an avid runner, she enjoys encouraging and supporting others on their fitness journey. She understands that finding an activity that brings you JOY and doing it consistently is the best way to have and sustain a healthy lifestyle. As a Captain for FitLeaders, Avis emphasizes that staying healthy is an important leadership strategy.

Zandra Jo Galvan

Zandra Jo Galvan is a powerhouse superintendent and leader in the #Fitleaders community. She’s fueled by the energy and support of her fellow fit leaders and is committed to prioritizing mental health, wellness, and physical fitness. Zandra knows that even small steps towards fitness can make a big difference and encourages others to start with one simple movement, whether it’s a walk, a bike ride, or getting down with some Zumba. With the love and support of #Fitleaders, Zandra is confident that anyone can achieve their fitness goals and create a healthy future.

Matt Arend

Matt is more than just a consultant; he’s a #FitLeader! This principal-turned-educational consultant is a man of many talents: he’s a runner, a cyclist, and a dedicated family man. Matt has spent almost 20 years in the education industry and is passionate about helping others achieve their potential. He firmly believes that physical fitness is crucial to mental wellbeing, and loves nothing more than spending time outdoors with his wife, Juju, and their son Cooper, who he affectionately calls the “future NBA lottery pick.” Matt knows that staying active and healthy is essential to being the best leader possible, and encourages others to prioritize fitness in their lives.

Adrian Goodman

Meet Coach Goodman, the fierce special education teacher with over two decades of experience. Adrian is a believer in the power of a balanced lifestyle that nurtures the spirit, body, and mind. He’s a growth mindset advocate, inspiring people to embrace the same approach. Adrian understands the importance of personal grooming, communication skills, and positive thinking in achieving one’s best. He encourages everyone to always look good, smell good, speak well, and think positively to BE the best version of themselves.

Harmonee McCrea

Harmonee McCrea is a fierce education leader hailing from northeast Indiana. As the principal of Wall Elementary at Sturgis Public Schools, she brings a passion for excellence to everything she does. Harmonee’s personal passion is running, and she’s determined to conquer the Boston Marathon someday. To become an even stronger leader, Harmonee actively prioritizes her physical fitness through strength training, following the lead of the #Fitleaders movement. By achieving a better balance between mind, body, and spirit, Harmonee is unstoppable in her pursuit of greatness.

Asael Ruvalcaba

Asael Ruvalcaba, aka Mr. R, is a force to be reckoned with in the education world, with almost 30 years of experience under his belt. He’s a nationally-recognized principal for innovation and culture, leading Rio Hondo High School P-TECH in Texas like a boss. When he’s not busy inspiring his students to achieve greatness, Mr. R is a proud father of five and a devoted husband to his wife, Amy. He’s also a fitness fanatic who’s always ready to #SendIt and show off his impressive gains. With his passion, dedication, and leadership skills, Mr. R is the ultimate role model for anyone looking to Model, Inspire, Connect, and Achieve.

PJ Caposey

Meet PJ, the powerhouse who’s taking the world by storm! As the Illinois Superintendent of the Year, national keynote speaker, college professor, and bestselling author, PJ has achieved incredible heights in his career. But that’s not all – he’s also a dedicated husband and father who knows the importance of balance. Even with his insane schedule, PJ makes fitness a priority and strives to be a #FitLeader. With his unwavering determination, there’s no stopping this fierce leader from achieving his goals – both in and out of the gym!

Valerie Chavez

Valerie Chavez is a fierce and unstoppable force, a true embodiment of strength and resilience. As a dedicated mother, wife, and administrator, she brings her passion and drive to everything she does. Her commitment to fitness is unmatched, and her love for running has propelled her to achieve incredible feats, including two half-marathons. Valerie leads by example, encouraging others to prioritize their health and well-being. With her unstoppable determination and unwavering spirit, she shows us that anything is possible if we put our minds to it.

Santiago Meza

Santiago Meza is a true warrior, having survived brain surgery and coming out even stronger on the other side. He’s a devoted son, husband to his fierce and beautiful wife, and proud father of two resilient children. Santiago has dedicated his career to education, working as a Special Education teacher for six years and in Educational Leadership for eight years. He’s also the founder of RootedInStrengthCA, where he inspires others to find strength in their faith. With his unwavering determination and passion for helping others, Santiago is a true leader and an inspiration to us all.

Keith Piccard

Keith Piccard is a true Renaissance man, with a passion for science, teaching, and wrestling. He’s been a science teacher for Allendale Public Schools for 22 years and also teaches biology at Grand Valley State University. When he’s not busy educating the next generation, Keith is a devoted husband to his amazing wife and proud father of three awesome daughters. His love for wrestling has taught him the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and always striving to be his best self. With his fierce dedication and passion for life, Keith is an inspiration to us all.

Rosalba Rodriguez

Rosalba Rodriguez is a powerhouse in the education world, with 20 years of experience under her belt. Starting as an instructional assistant and working her way up to building-level principal in the same district, she’s proven herself to be a fierce leader. Even the pandemic couldn’t slow her down, as she took on the role of assistant principal in 2019 and was quickly promoted to principal in 2021. When she’s not busy running her school like a boss, Rosalba is happily married and raising two amazing daughters. She’s a true role model, providing a safe and loving home while kicking butt in her career.

Tyler (Ty) Arnold

Ty Arnold is a true powerhouse, with over 10 years of experience in the education field and a deep passion for fitness. He’s a proud husband to his beautiful wife, Kimber, and a dedicated father of three amazing daughters. Tyler’s commitment to education is unwavering, as he currently serves as a high school principal in Milford, Ohio. When he’s not busy leading the next generation, Tyler can be found hitting the gym and pushing himself to new heights. He knows that fitness is crucial for maintaining mental wellbeing and building connections with others. With his fierce determination and leadership skills, Tyler sets the tone for excellence and inspires others to follow his lead.

Michael Murphy

With 18 years of experience in education as a special education teacher, Michael is currently teaching 3rd/4th grade reading inclusion. For Michael, building relationships with students is of utmost priority. Recently, Michael has discovered a new passion for CrossFit, which has been a life-changing experience for both Michael and his wife, Kim. Along with CrossFit, running and participating in Spartan races are also on the horizon. The couple also enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling. Fitness has been a crucial aspect of Michael’s life and has allowed he and his wife to maintain an active lifestyle well into their 50s.

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